Pete McKay, D.D.S.​
Family Dentistry

We Cater to Cowards!  

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Dr. McKay understands the financial burden that dental work can bring about.  We also understand the loss of insurance, jobs and other factors that can effect having dental treatment completed.  We want to give you the opportunity to achieve that

Perfect Smile! 

For an annual fee, you will receive:

Two Cleanings

Two Dental Exams

Yearly Periodic Evaluations

Yearly Bitewing X-Rays

Intra-oral Photos

10% Off All Other Treatment

   (Additional Cleanings, Deep Cleanings, Filings, Full Mouth X-Rays or Panorex,    Crowns, Bridges,  Implant Crowns, and all other general dentistry.)

​Annual Membership Only $300!

Call us to enroll at: 910.673.0113