MS Ride 2020

Dear Friends,

I have given many presentations about why money is needed to continue to help those with Multiple Sclerosis.  There are as many reasons as one can imagine for this cause.  The message is simple; Multiple Sclerosis is a bad thing.  It changes one’s life permanently in ways no one would choose.

This year I want to make it even more meaningful and personal.  Many of you know people with MS and I’d like to make this an Honor Ride for all of those that we think of when it comes to concern for our friends and relatives with MS. 

My list includes: My grandfather (Louis Howell), a dear friend that had MS as I grew up and helped me learn about MS (Eleanor Snell), a wonderful college professor (Dr. Dick McWilliams), my wife, Mary (diagnosed with MS ten years ago), great friends and Team Canterbury members (LuAnna Harris and Di Jones), several dental patients and a few friends. 

Please let us know who is meaningful to you that battles MS that I can list on my jersey in my Bike MS rides this year.  There are Bike MS rides in New Bern and Clemmons.  Each is a two day ride and I’d be privileged to honor as many as I can with their names on my back.  Help me make this an Honor Ride for those we support in their challenge with Multiple Sclerosis. 

Your donation is money well spent in support of those with MS.  Research into the disease, its treatment and the hope for a cure is made possible.  There is also help in many ways for patients who need it in many dimensions.

Please help!

I am so grateful for your continued support with your contributions  You may forward your checks made to National Multiple Sclerosis Society C/O Dr. Pete McKay P.O. Box 628 West End, NC 27376 OR click on the “Donate to fight MS” button above and do it all on the internet!