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Dr. Pete McKay

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Dr. Pete, his wife, Mary and their three kids, Megan, Kelly and Kate live on a tree farm in Derby.  Mary is an RN in Pre-admissions at Moore Regional Hospital.  She graduated with a degree in Nursing from East Carolina University.  Megan is a graduate from North Carolina State University with a Bachelors in Biological Engineering.  Kelly is a graduate from East Carolina University with a Bachelors and Masters Degree degree in Nutrition & Dietetics.  Kate is a sophomore at  East Strasbourg University in Pennsylvania and is goalie for their lacrosse team. She is interested in Veterinary Medicine.  

 The family enjoys living in the country and has dogs, horses and chickens.  The area they live is wonderful for riding bicycles, one of their main activities.  Dr. McKay has used bicycling as a way to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society for over 20 years, and his daughters are now involved in that effort.  Megan and Kelly have completed a Bike the US for MS ride across America from Yorktown, VA to San Francisco, CA, raising money for the Multiple Sclerosis cause.

Dr. McKay spends time away from dentistry with work at the tree farm.  This has involved both forest and wildlife habitat improvement.  He has allowed a conservation easement on his property along Naked Creek in effort to help preserve this valuable water source. He does a lot with wood working, often involving starting with the tree or other rough cut timber of many species of wood.  For fun and exercise he rides bikes.

As a dentist, Dr. McKay has enjoyed a broad base experience for over 30 years, being involved in many aspects of dentistry including pediatric, endodontic, surgical and restorative treatments.  His is truly a family practice, treating young children all the way to those of us that "aren't so young anymore."  He and his well trained staff practice excellent dentistry with the goal of improving and maintaining the health and function of their patients.  

Education and Work History  

 1977 -     Graduated from Wake Forest University with a BA degree in Anthropology
 1977-       Post graduate studies at North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina.
 1978-       Research technician in Dental Research Center at UNC School of Dentistry.
 1978-79  Graduate school in Anthropology at Wake Forest University with an independent study of the                                genetic determinants of dental morphology and the applications of that to the study of genetic                            relations among skeletal populations.
 1983-      Graduated form the University of North Carolina of Dentistry with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree​
 1983-86  Employed bu the United States Public Health service, Indian Health Science branch as Senior                                  Assistant Dental Office in Tohatchi, New Mexico
  1985      Received the Isolated Hardship Service Ribbon
  1986-     Present Private dental practice in Seven Lakes, NC



  •     Instructor providing dental clinic experience for dental assisting students from Montgomery                          Community College

  •     Memory of Advisory Committee at Montgomery Community College for the Dental Assisting program

  •     Member of Sandhills Dental Study Club (past Vice President and President)

  •     Member of the Implant Study Club

  •     2008-2014  Board member of SALT (Sandhills Area Land Trust)

  •     2013-2014  Secretary to the Board of SALT

  •     Twice recognition with the "Official Certificate of the Forest Stewardship program" in recognition of              outstanding resource management and exemplary improvement to the wildlife, soil and water, timber,        recreation and aesthetics of North Carolina's forest for this and future generations           

  •     Member and past President of Seven Lakes Business Guild

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