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The Perfect Smile Club

Dr. McKay understands the financial burden that dental work can bring about. 

We also understand the loss of insurance, jobs, and other factors that can

affect having dental treatment completed. 

We want to give you the opportunity to achieve that Perfect Smile!

With our program, you save $29 a year just on your bi-annual cleanings alone and $165 if you need an emergency visit.

If you are a perio patient, we have programs for you too! 

Give us a call if you have any questions.  We want everyone to have access to affordable dental treatment.  

For an annual fee of $360 (for one adult) you will receive:


 2– Cleanings

2– Dental Exams

Oral Cancer Screenings

 Yearly Periodontal Evaluations

Yearly Bitewing X-Rays

 Intra-Oral Photos

1 Emergency Exam Per Year and 1PA X-ray

  10% off All Other dental Treatment

*excludes sleep apnea treatment 

Additional Family Members

$705 per couple

$320 Kids Plan * (per child)

(*add to adult plan for $300)

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